Miss Rose Silk Flawless Foundation



Revealing the revolutionary Miss Rose Silk Flawless Foundation, a lightweight, long-lasting formula made with natural ingredients known for their skin-loving properties and designed to withstand even Pakistan’s hottest days. Whether navigating the glitz and glam of showbiz or the grind of the daily struggles, Miss Rose Flawless Silk Foundation is your key to a flawless complexion that can keep up with the celebrities in Pakistan.

Wear it without fear of a meltdown, even in the load-shading of a Pakistani summer.
It certainly won’t be cake or flake! Relax at ease any time of day or night. Put it on once; you won’t need to touch it up for a while.
Easy to spread, even the beginner can apply this like a pro.
It feels so breathable and light like you’re not even wearing makeup.
It has diverse shades for fair, medium, and deep complexions, so you can confidently embrace natural beauty. It is the best option for finding your best match because it has four shades of beige, one ivory, and one fair.
How To Apply Miss Rose Silk Flawless Foundation?
Use a beauty blender, a makeup sponge, or your fingers to apply and blend the foundation onto your face. Always start with the less.

Pro Tip: Choose the Beige Color, Two for those with pink complexions and one for those with yellow or beige skin. They are both appropriate for people with average skin tones. Both Beige 3 and Beige 4 have a deep complexion.

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