Silicone Baby Bottle With Spoon Fooder Supplement Rice Cereal Bottles Squeeze Spoon Milk Feeding Bottle Cup

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Key Features:

  1. Built-In Squeeze Spoon: The Silicone Baby Bottle comes with a built-in squeeze spoon, allowing for easy and mess-free feeding. Simply squeeze the bottle to dispense the desired amount of food, making feeding time a breeze for both you and your baby.
  2. Ideal for Supplementing Solids: This bottle is specially designed for supplementing rice cereal and introducing solids to your baby’s diet. The convenient squeeze spoon enables a controlled flow, making it simple to provide nutritious and age-appropriate food to your little one.
  3. Safe and Soft Silicone Construction: Crafted from safe and soft silicone material, this feeding bottle ensures the comfort and safety of your baby during mealtime. The gentle texture of the silicone spoon is ideal for delicate gums and emerging teeth.
  4. Milk Feeding Bottle Option: Beyond supplementing solids, the bottle can also be used for milk feeding. The versatile design accommodates both liquid and semi-solid foods, offering flexibility to cater to your baby’s evolving feeding needs.

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